Important  Information  for  Patients  Abroad interested in plastic surgery in Colombia

Have you heard about plastic surgery benefits , and prices in Colombia ?  Normally  prices  are 1/2 to 1/3  than prices in USA and with new money exchange with a very
strong dollar, prices  are  even lower !
Have you seen lots of web sites and you can't find out where and who can provide the best Plastic surgery in Colombia?
Are you looking for excellent results at affordable prices , no intermediary and direct contact to your Surgeon? This is real safe plastic surgery !

Science y Esthetic is a plastic surgery logistic team dedicated to provide the best esthetic  and best plastic surgery experience with   the best Board Certified plastic surgeons
in Bogotá , Cartagena  or Medellín .Dr   Pavajeau is the main Plastic Surgeon and  he  will  be making your Plastic surgery  in an upscale and safe environment at affordable
prices for patients  from abroad.  However it is affordable but as good cars , and good perfums etc , usually good plastic surgery is not cheap. Ciencia y Estetica means
Science and Esthetic  or scientific knowledge and state  of  art  Cosmetic knowledge,  professionally  combined to give you the best possible result.

Bogotá the capital of Colombia , Cartagena and Medellin  are  the most visited places  for Cosmetic  Plastic surgery and Medical Tourism in Colombia .The high scientific
level of  plastic surgeons in Colombia, affordable prices , and excellent results, have made Colombia the paradise  for Plastic  and Esthetic surgery Tourism,  and other types
of Medical Tourism such as Massive weight loss patients , laser eye surgery , cardio vascular surgery, fertility programs and odontological procedures. We can provide  
besides  plastic surgery , Massive weight  loss surgery  with board Certified MWL  surgeon Henry Martinez , and  also  all odontological  restorations by  Board Certified  
Odontologist  Dr  Maria Fernanda Arias .

Plastic Surgery in Colombia is a combination of wellness and health care, coupled with leisure and relaxation which is aimed at rejuvenating a person mentally, physically and
Your Plastic Surgery  treatments are done by one of the best and  most  highly skilled  Plastic surgeons in Colombia , at some of the most modern and state-of-the-art plastic
surgery facilities in  Bogota, Medellin   and  Cartagena Colombia . This means your aesthetic plastic surgery , while enjoying a wonderful city as Bogotá  or the Magical city of  
Cartagena along with  restaurants , concerts  and incredible places for Dancing and Shopping.
Healing process is better if you have the  idea of  a  trip not  only for a  surgical enhancement, but also as a moment of relaxation.  Having that in mind we invite our patients
to be in bead the  shortest possible time and we plan surgery in an non risk environment for fast recovery.  Not  all patients are good  candidates  for  surgery abroad.
Patients with Massive Wight Loss  surgery usually have very bad healing. Also obese patients despite  they have been reducing weight ,  have  sometimes bad healing .
Smokers who  have been smoking in the  previous months also have  high risk. Even if you  stop smoking one year before surgery , a   smoker has a high incidence of bad
healing on  the  wounds. If  you have any of  this  conditions you  should  have  in mind that it is possible to make various surgical procedures , but no  on  the  same  day ,
because that increases local risks of bad healing and general risks as DVT.However if you are not a smoker , or a patient with Massive Weight Loss , or an obese patient  
who has been for  a log time in diets, then  your procedure should  be  carefully planed .
Patients can put the money they are saving on the procedure, that can be up to  50% or more , into turning their journey in a magnificent, world-class retreat. For  many   
patients, it is the only way to get the needed or desired plastic surgery treatment, without wiping out their entire life-savings as in Europe and United States .

Colombia is considered one of  the 5 most developed countries in  cosmetic plastic and esthetic surgeries  in the world!..
Everyone is aware that Colombian women are upon the most vane in the world and don´t hesitate in plastic surgery as their first option to enhance their natural beauty.
The number of  plastic surgery procedures performed per year , by most of  the highly recognized plastic surgeons in Colombia doubles the number of cosmetic and plastic
surgeries  of any well known plastic surgeon in United States.
The surgical silks gained  with surgical hours of practice, are without any doubt what makes Colombian Plastic surgeons among the best in the world.

The Top  Ten Best  Plastic surgery procedures done by Colombian Plastic surgeons are  Vaser and Laser Liposuction, breast augmentation and  breast lift, Tummy Tuck ,
Brazilian  Butt Lift  with fat injection, nose job , Face lift  or mini face lift , Blepharoplasty , hair transplantation or  hair restoration and otoplasty.
Liposuction or Vaser Liposuction is the number one body procedure. And Breast augmentation is number two . Colombian women love beautiful breasts and silicone implants
where never banned in Colombia as in US . That means almost 10 years more expertise than any surgeon in USA because  implants where  baned  from 1990 to 1999.
Vaser and Laser Lipo are very common , but Vaser which is an ultrasonic selectively produced lipolisis is the best Liposuction you can find  so far. Reduced swelling and
bruising is evident with Vaser. We  also perform also diode  laser lipo but we  believe in Vaser  ultrasound as ideal  for  big patients and  Laser more convenient for middle
and thin  patients.
Lipo fat grafting to the Butt or Brazilian Butt is performed during most Liposuction  surgeries in Colombia. Colombian women love beautiful butts.
Our Tummy Tuck  technique with the super  belly button technique lets the patient use  small bikinis , as most women in Colombia Use. However Tummy Tuck must be done
as a first stage procedure in many over weight patients   before Lipo to get the best results ! and  mainly for patient safety , to reduce a well known risk  of complications as
DVT , Deep Venus thrombosis if you combine both procedures, lipo and  tummy , at one  stage. Remember safety policy  is our priority !
In facial procedures  a good face lift , or mini face lift or facial rejuvenation ,must end  with an absolute  natural look and  is the  best option for rejuvenation from 40 s. Nose
Job , is our  most frequent facial procedure  ,with a computer planed surgery giving absolutely natural results . An outstanding plastic surgeon must have  the  ability  of an
artist in sculpture , because nose job is a live sculpture . Dr Pavajeau is considered one of the  top  plastic surgeon in Colombia , due to his Nose Job results and ability in
painting , sculpture and plastic arts. A good plastic surgeon must  always be an excellent nose job surgeon. So please check his  nose  job results  and  you  will find out his
plastic abilities in this Number one  challenging procedure.

What means Science and Esthetic or  Ciencia y Estetica  ?
What's Included  in the ALL INCLUDED Quote ?

Science and  Aesthetics is a plastic Surgery team  dedicated to provide the best esthetic  and best plastic surgery results in Colombia . Dr Pavajeau is the main plastic  
surgeon in the  Team , an no intermediaries appear between you and him.  This means best and affordable plastic surgery  prices for you and only the best hands in your  
body. From the  beginning  you will be  aware why Dr Pavajeau is  considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Colombia. Many plastic surgeons with high occupation  give
part of their surgeries to a second plastic surgeon or to nurses , that usually perform part of , or  sometimes all of a  Liposuction or  a Hair restoration

Dr Pavajeau is  a Board certified Plastic surgeon and  by far considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Colombia , for its natural results in face lift and Nose surgery,
high definition Vaser Liposuction , Brazilian butt augmentation procedures, belly button refinements that had made  the Tummy Tuck revolution , permitting the use of Tangas
to many patients.

Board certified, International award winner , 2 times  Board award winner, TV show star with  continuous interviews in magazines and TV plastic surgery specials ,  but  a very
kind and awesome  person with every patient !.   Our team  offers complete Plastic Surgery  packages that include  
1- Transportation from Airport to Hotel and Back
2- Transportation from Hotel  to Ciencia y Aesthetics   and back for all medical appointments
3   Blood tests
4  Anesthesiologist  pre operative appointment
5  State of the art Clinic and anesthesiologist payment
6   Blood tests
7  English speaking plastic surgeon
8  Antibiotics , pain killers , and products to ensure your rapid healing.
9  One   Post OP garment 8   All PRE and Post OP examinations with the Plastic Surgeon for 3 years 9   Post op removal of  stitches  and  drains
10  Breast  prosthesis  if  needed.
11 Medical  insurance i for all procedures more than 3 hours  

We Take care of each and every detail from the time of your arrival to your departure. We have a wide experience with patients coming from Canada , United States and
Spain and that is why we are considered leaders in Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism. Dr Pavajeau  Plastic surgeon , is fluent in English so you don't need a translator at any
time.  However if you need one we can hire a private translator for you.  Our kindness with  the patient is something that people living in other countries , do not know , where
usually doctors are cold and distant. That is why our patients describe their medical  Plastic Surgery , experience as awesome .  Is  the   price affordable ? Prices for  plastic
surgery in Colombia are completely affordable. Prices depend mostly on how many people are receiving money between you and your surgeon . As and  more  
intermediaries or  middleman , the higher the final price for the patient abroad. The best for you as  patient is  no go-between , and direct contact with your Plastic surgeon.
Prices in Colombia can be as low  as one third as prices in US , and that means really affordable prices for you. Serious Plastic surgeons will give you the same price as the
price he will be giving for a local patient. The only difference is that most local patients pay only the surgeon and the clinic and do not include  all other things included for
patients abroad. In order to give you the best price please send body pics always. The quote for a 120 pounds patient is  never the  same  as  a 240 pounds  patient.  Are  
you worried  about  the   risk  of   coming  to  Colombia?  Please take a  few  minutes  to  see   what   people from  several  countries  think  after they have visited  Colombia :
Colombia has no risk now. Colombia  has been for the last  8 years with president Uribe and president  Santos  a safe country specially in Modern and Tourist cities  as  
Cartagena and Bogotá.  Colombia is the 4th economy in Latin  America after Mexico , Brazil and Argentina. Bogotá receives more than one  million tourists from abroad every
year , mot  of  them  coming for business , but  a big part coming for affordable  medical tourism. Cartagena is  a  must go place for  tourists where  most of the biggest
cruises stop all year long.  Non stop  Flights from Miami and  Spain prove of  the high tourist interest in Cartage

THE ONLY RISK IS  WANTING TO STAY   Click  for an excellent video about Colombia!   
Steps for  an awesome plastic surgery

1 Make your research and then Pick only one of the best Board certified plastic Surgeon in Colombia
2  Make research to see if your selected  Plastic Surgeon has the skills in your selected procedure.
3 Pick the best city for your comfort
4 Contact your Plastic Surgeon without intermediaries and always send pics
5 Receive your quote
6  You can Block your price for one year with a small deposit
7 Confirm always your arrival flight to take care of each and every detail from the time of your arrival to your departure.  Take care that this information is received in
advance so we can pick you up at el Dorado airport.

Where is my surgery done ?

Your surgical procedure can be performed in Bogotá , Medellin or Cartagena .
Yes your  Plastic surgery can be performed in Bogotá most of the  time  and in Cartagena or Medellin one weekend every month.
Bogotá has  a  wonderful climate with 17 to 22 Celsius all year long. Cartagena has wonderful sight seeing , Hotels and beeches. Hotels  are  resort type ,  sometimes a little  
expensive but the city of Cartagena is  absolutely wonderful. Climate is 28 to 32 Celsius all year long. Medellin has spring time temperature and beautiful women.

How can you  confirm a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon ?

In order to help you make  a  decision on the esthetic  plastic surgery  in Colombia you are interested in ,you must first verify that your plastic surgeon is a real  plastic
surgeon , and is really a Board certified member of the Colombian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery the SCCP.  Board Certified  Members of the SCCP are the only real
Plastic surgeons that are approved in Colombia.

Other so called Esthetic surgeons , cosmetic surgeons , and aesthetic Doctors are not plastic surgeons and  illegally practice aesthetic and plastic surgery in Colombia and
in  many countries including USA.
Do not be afraid on making research about  your plastic surgeon. If he is a board certified Plastic Surgeon he will be glad of  showing you by Internet  links to the SCCP ,
Colombian Board of  Plastic Surgery ,Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plastica.

We welcome your questions and queries.

For a quote please  send  information  to
/Breast Surgery              
Belly Button
                       Tummy Tuck

Vaser Liposuction                     
                    Brow lift
Lips  ( fat  augmentation )                 
Nose Job                                   
        Ear  lobe  Surgery
                                        Female  Hair restoration

                       Mini and Complete Face Lift  

Nose Job        
Chin Implants                      

ginecomasty   reduction
and pectoral   enhancing                                     
Double chin Liposuction
Hair restoration                                   

Plastic Surgery in Women
Click over surgical procedure  for more information and pre and post op pics

Plastic Surgery in Male patients   click for additional information
Abdomen  Vaser Lipo                       
/Muscle Enhancing surgery   'six pack
 /Brazilian Butt Augmentation              
               Vaginal rejuvenation  and labia  enhancement     
Cellulite fat Injection                                       
                Fat injection in Thigh  and ankle
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Face liposuction  and  Naso
labial fold fat injection                                             
Face liposuction          

Lissette Pavajeau
Patient Coordinator
Fluent in English . She wil be
coordinating all the  process. .Please  
contact her by mail before traveling
Remember asking for new Price List !

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General Manager
Dr   Anselmo   Pavajeau
Plastic Surgeon
Board Certified by  SCCP
Board  Certified  Plastic
Member of  ISAPS
International Society of  
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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    Please send relevant information of  your  Medical profile
    Age , sex , height , weight, medicines, previous plastic surgeries , previous weight loss by  dieting , previous
    weight loss by  MWLSurgery
    1 Smoking increases risk of bad wound healing.
    process an leads to delayed Healing.
    3  Severe weight loss also increases risk of delayed healing.
    4 Hypertension if not treated increases Hemathoma Risk.
    5 Diabetes increases risk of infection.
    If you have multi´ple  risk factors  you can have your plastic surgery done .But try always to
    make only  one  surgery at a time. It is for your  safety !
This site provides complete medical  information about Plastic Surgery procedures and  Tourism to Colombia  .
Click over  the names in the region of the body you would like to be  operated
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 Best Plastic Surgery in Colombia
State of the art technology
Laser Liposuction
laser para depilacion
Laser rejuvenation
1  Safety is our priority!  "  Combos "( 3 or more procedures in ones stage )  increase risks in all surgeries
2  Affordable prices for patients abroad due to No Intermediaries and high USD exchange (30 %  additional  reduced price )
3  Dr  Pavajeau is  
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by sccc
4  Dr Pavajeau is internationally certified by  ISAPS
5  Dr Pavajeau is Certified in USA by ISHR
6   Dr Pavajeau has been Three times award winner By Colombian Board of Plastic Surgery and one award in Italy
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